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  • 12 Jul 2023 9:48 AM
    Message # 13226871
    John Irving (Administrator)

    Anyone interested in sharing 'writing pet peeves'. Over the years of writing environmental document I have accumulated what I call 'pet peeves'. For instance, watching for 'tion of' in sentences and changing to something more simply and direct.

    Change ... "Completion of the actions will be formally documented in the Corrective Action Management System."

    To ... "Completing the actions will be formerly documented in the Corrective Management Plan."

    OR using more complicated words and phrases instead of something more clear and simple ...

    'close proximity' instead of 'near'

    attempt --> try

    anticipate --> expect

    has the ability to --> can

    in a timely manner --> on time or promptly

    utilize or utilization --> use

    provide --> give, offer, say

    in order to --> to

    I use a Microsoft Word macro to highlight all my pet peeves allowing me to review and change if appropriate. 


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