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An IdAEP Announcement ...

IdAEP Needs You to Serve as an Elected

Officer or At-Large Director Positions Open

The Idaho Association of Environmental Professionals (IdAEP) is currently seeking nominations for Vice-President and three (3) At-Large Board positions from the voting members of IdAEP. The Vice-President position is for a 2-year term followed by an additional 2-year term as President. Two of the At-Large Director positions are for a 2-year and one is for a 3-year term (see inset below). 

If you are an IdAEP member or friend of IdAEP and would like to become an officer or at-large director of the Board (or retain your current position on the Board), please use the Self-Nomination Form and send it to by April 23, 2023. You must be a member of IdAEP to serve on the IdAEP board and a General member of NAEP to serve in the President or Vice-President position. The Self-Nomination Form includes position descriptions.

If you would like to nominate one of your peers, please contact Tarita Harju ( or John Irving ( with that person’s name and contact information and whether you would like to remain anonymous. Tarita or John will contact those individuals to see if they are willing to accept your nomination to place their name on the ballot with other nominees.

The IdAEP Board of Directors normally meets (virtually or in person) once a quarter with one annual meeting. As a voluntary association, there is no reimbursement for travel expenses, or the other costs associated with being on the Board of Directors. 

Best regards,

Your IdAEP Board


The Idaho Association of Environmental Professionals (IdAEP) aims to be a place for multi-disciplinary environmental professionals from the greater Idaho area to connect, learn and grow. Our membership is made up of both private and public sector professionals seeking a venue for growth within the environmental profession.



IdAEP is a chapter of the the National Association of Environmental Professionals. NAEP was founded in 1975, with the expressed purpose of "Promoting excellence in the environmental profession." Should you be interested in exploring membership opportunities, please visit our membership section or

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