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A place to belong personally and Grow professionally‚Äč

Officers & directors

IdAEP is led by a volunteer board of directors consisting of environmental professionals from across Idaho. They include ...

  • John Irving, President, is a retired NEPA Specialist from Idaho Falls;
  • Keri Hill, Vice President, is a Senior Project Manager at Panorama Environmental, Kuna 
  • Victoria (Vicky) Jewell, ‘Treasurer’, is a Senior Environmental Planner with Idaho Department of Transportation, Boise
  • Laura SpeerHart, ‘Secretary & Membership’, is an environmental planner with Jacobs Engineering Group, Boise
  • Denny Mengal, ‘NAEP Chapter Representative’, is an environmental scientist, with Jacobs Engineering Group, Boise

Our At-Large directors include:

      • Wendy Savkranz, a NEPA Specialist at Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls
      • Tarita Harju, an ecologist with Alta Science & Engineering, Kellogg
      • Kurt Wald, a ‘Principal’ with Horrocks Engineer, Boise

      John Irving, President 

      John is a retired NEPA specialist with a background in aquatic ecology. John earned a BS in fisheries biology from the Utah State University and a MS in fisheries management and PhD in Limnology from the University of Idaho. John work with Argonne National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory for 35 years preparing environmental impact statements and environmental assessment. He has been a member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals since 1995. John has one hobby ... hiking. He loves to hike in the Tetons.

      Keri, Vice President

      With a focus in water resources and infrastructure, Keri has managed environmental planning projects all over Idaho and across the U.S. From dam raises, dam removal,  water resource development, and utility scale solar, Keri has a breadth of NEPA experience.

      A Weiser, Idaho native, Keri earned a BS in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho now lives in Kuna with her young husband and two children. She enjoys spending time outside exploring Idaho with her family.

      Victoria (Vicky) Jewell, Treasurer

      Vicky has been an environmental professional for the Idaho Transportation Department since 1993. She is currently assigned as the environmental lead for the Transportation Bonding Office. Prior to that she was employed by the Department (Division back then) of Environmental Quality. She specializes in NEPA compliance with numerous EIS, EA and thousands of EE reviews. Her specialty area is in Hazardous and Solid Waste Management. She holds two degrees from Boise State University. A Bachelors in Environmental Health and a Masters in Business Administration with an Environmental Management emphasis. When not working, you can find her teaching CPR/AED/FA classes, traveling or spending time with her two sons. She also enjoys camping, hiking, soaking in hot springs/tubs, gardening, and caring for animals.

      Laura Speerhart, Secretary/ Membership

      As a Midwest transplant, Laura credits involvement with IdAEP for building her professional and personal network here in Idaho. The discussions at IdAEP webinars and happy hours have flattened her learning curve on general regional environmental issues. Finally, she values her connection to NAEP and the perks that flow from national level exposure.

      Laura is an environmental planner specializing in NEPA, aquatic resources, hazardous materials, and permitting of infrastructure projects.

      Laura fell in love with Idaho during her undergrad summers working on seasonal trail and fire crews for in the Sawtooth and Nez Perce National Forests. Now she and her family enjoy toddler-friendly adventures in the wilds of Idaho, with a rare solo trip.

      Denny Mengel, NAEP's Chapter Representative, is an environmental scientist with Jacobs Engineering Group. He specializes in permitting, NEPA, ESA, and terrestrial restoration, where he worked for 30 years. Denny earned a BS in Wildlife Biology and MS in Forest Resources from the Univ. of Idaho, and a Ph.D. in Forest Soils from NC State Univ. I enjoy backpacking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

      Tarita Harju, At-Large Director, is an ecologist with Alta Science & Engineering who specializes in wetlands and conservation planning.  She earned a BS in Ecology & Conservation from the University of Idaho and a MS in Watershed Science from Utah State University.  When Tarita isn’t leading group brainstorming sessions or mucking around in wetlands, she’s usually playing outside with her husband and two boys either backpacking, swimming in the N. Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River, or tending to the homestead.

      Wendy Savkranz, At-Large Director, has worked at the INL since 1980 starting out in the administrative and accounting areas. Looking for something different and a new challenge, her manager assigned her to mentor with the NEPA Technical Resource, which turned into a 30-year environmental career. Wendy earned her Associates of Applied Science Degree from the College of Eastern Idaho. Family and friends are the center of Wendy’s life. Her two daughters and their children live near so lots of energy is spent with grandchildren. She loves the outdoors and takes advantage of every opportunity to soak up the beauty of Idaho whether it is skiing or mountain biking.

      Kurt Wald, At-Large Director, ... Coming Soon


      The Idaho Association of Environmental Professionals (IdAEP) aims to be a place for multi-disciplinary environmental professionals from the greater Idaho area to connect, learn and grow. Our membership is made up of both private and public sector professionals seeking a venue for growth within the environmental profession.



      IdAEP is a chapter of the the National Association of Environmental Professionals. NAEP was founded in 1975, with the expressed purpose of "Promoting excellence in the environmental profession." Should you be interested in exploring membership opportunities, please visit our membership section or

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